Week 1 :-Even Jobs listened to vinyl.


The World is back up on the good-old black disk again, the reason behind it there are many but in the overall sense of it its is a good thing. It is much better than listening to digitalized version. It is not surprising that even the inventors of “Digital music” listened to vinyl as well.

The late great of Apple its CEO, whose online mega market iTunes that revolutionized the music business for the online era, “listened to vinyl” at home, said Neil Young in his interview to the rolling stones magazine [1]. As highly compressed MP3 files and digital music streaming services like YouTube and Spotify have become the norm for music listening, vinyl sales have skyrocketed from under a million in 2007 to potentially more than 8 million last year in the U.S. alone —the main reason being that vinyl just sounds better.

Is that true? I think it Kind of It depends. Vinyl LP is a format based on technology that hasn’t evolved much over the last seventy years: in some ways, it’s the audio equivalent of driving a Ford 1940 model car. Which is old but good. Sonically, vinyl has both the good and the bad compared to digital files such as mp3 wav and AIFF, just as movie pros have argued over the pros and cons of film tape against 4K digital. Vinyl does have it weak points too. But nevertheless it is probably one of the most accurate form of storing sound and it is good to see the world slowly moving back to it.


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