Week 2 :-Pay for your art…….


The world is a weird place as far as I think, it is a place where people who sit at a desk and sign papers (white color jobs) get paid millions of dollars a year, where as an artist who would perform for hours on end would make less than half that money. Why? ……. Well no one knows but to a certain extent it boils down to the fact that a performer or artist no matter what they maybe from producer to musician to filmmaker to painter Is looked down by society to be a “not so important” role or job.


Is it fair that this is happening ?? well I personally don’t think so. Talent and artistry must be paid for it must be paid for for the effort put in. No talented person on this earth became good at what they do by just sitting around. They put in the hours and the work to get to whatever position they are in now.I cant help but put down what I remembered from  the recently concluded Melbourne jazz fest which I happened to go for, at which the leader of the all American jazz snarky puppy, Michael League said when he thanked the audience he said:-


‘ I have no clue where this industry is going but thank you to each and everyone who came out here tonight, because you coming here mean you purchased tickets and you purchased tickets mean you love our music and you love our music means we get paid, so thank you for giving us jobs”


At this point it made me think what has this come to, does this mean that great artists are going to stop making music, is the music going to die? Let alone music what about the filmmaking, the paintings…… etc. It is very common now to see artist not being able to make a living out of their art form, hence we see very talented people moving to other fields of employment and then slowly loosing interest in doing “what they do best”


The only solution to this problem is I think organizers of events and clients should pay the artist what they ask for, because no true artist will over charge. They will charge for what they can deliver and if they charge high means they deliver big so why not pay them for it.

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