Week 5:- Your tape hard disk…

The world we live in today is one that’s changing more or less every hour. New technology, new ways of thinking and most importantly new trends change the way we live daily. When it comes to the world of audio which I pick to blog on this time as always its changed massively. What was yesterdays life and soul (tape) is now near extinction! or is it? Well not really I would say, I’d say give it a bit of time and It will be back. Yes, that’s right, the “tape is back” revolution has already begun.

If you happen to ask any one who’s lived through the 80’s and 90’s how cool it was to run down to a cassette store get a couple of tunes and chuck them in the car stereo or the little portable cassette player the Walkman (the iPod of the past), they’d probably say it was the next best thing to the baggy pants and funky hair do’s. It’s definitely a fact the people are going old school again with more and more engineers looking for that vintage purer analogue sound.

The need for this kind of listener experience brings out the basic principle of economics causing companies like Sony to start production of these equipment again. According to Jason Evangelho writer for Forbes tech magazines article “Think The Cassette Tape Is Dead? Then Why Did Sony Just Squeeze 185TB Of Data Onto One?” [1] clearly shows how tapes coming back. But that said it might take some time for it to actually get back proper, since people have moved on to CD players and iPod and do not own Cassettes players anymore.

This trend will sure catch up sooner or later you’ll find people playing Bob Marley and the Beatles on  little cassette’s again. Not only the consumer industry but the audio production side of things have also a immense need for the tape feel. Where we find engineers starting to use multi-track tape machines again to give a record the feel no tape emulation plugin could give . I definitely think that tape will be back in full action and even who knows we might start carrying Walkman again. Bringing tape back might not only bring back a old school trend but also increase the quality of audio we listen to overall.


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