Blur- Song2 Track Analysis

With the commencement of semester three and the beginning of a new unit the first assignment of AUD210 was handed over to us. This being a sound a like project. Where groups of six or seven were put together to pick a song and recreate it identically to the original. For this my group, group four choose the song  2 song by Blur. This song is a traditional four four rock song in the key of F minor. The structure of the song is pretty simple and straight forward starting off with a drum and guitar and leading into the first hook line of the song “Woo-hoo” as its intro, then its first verse, this first verse leads in to a chorus. After which there is verse number 2 which is followed by a chorus. The song then ends with its second hook “Yeah yeah” being repeated 4 times. The dynamics of this song is pretty intense with the verses being very light drums and guitars and the chorus coming in with a very heavy distorted bass and heavy drums . The song only having two verses and three chorus with its “hook” lines keeps the song to a short two minutes. The song is simple in all senses from structure to instrumentation where the only instruments in the track are clean electric guitar drums and bass. The song does not hold a steady tempo throughout but can be said to be around 129Bpm. In the Chorus where a heavy distorted bass has been used to add weight and dynamics there is also a guitar harmony being played in the background. The drums in the song are very big and “roomy” giving the vocals and bass a prominent place in the mix. The song blur as for performance and vibe is a total rockers paradise to rock out too from the strict drum beat at the intro to the last “woo-hoo”.

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