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Runners Producers and Engineers.


The studio is a place where people go to be creative, to express creativity, capture it and store it. To do this there are many people that play many roles in a studio to achieve the best sound and capture an artist as best as possible. Having been given the opportunity to play one of these roles recently in this blog I aim to speak about the role of an Engineer in the studio. The role of an Engineer is one of utmost importance, the work put in by the engineer has a great effect on the final outcome of the project. A Studio  engineer works with all the technical aspects of sound during the processes of recording, mixing, and mastering. The engineers often assist the producers and musicians to help give their work the sound they are hoping to achieve. For example, an engineer will piece together parts of a song, make sure the right levels are recorded , make sure that the right compression and EQ is applied  and the proper microphone techniques are used. Studio engineers are different from producers where producers are the ones who control the musical and performance aspect of a song the engineer looks at its sonic perspective. However, some studio engineers go on with their careers taking on both roles at the same time. Having played this role in the studio in the week gone by something I did learn is that when the session is in progress the engineer must be well aware of what’s going on around him form levels on the desk, to compression ratios and thresholds, to delay and reverb units and other out board gear it is a must that he keeps his ears open, and listen out for anything that may go wrong. So in conclusion I would say  that this is one of, if not the most important role(s) in the studio and must be done with utmost responsibility and care.


3 thoughts on “The Studio”

  1. This blog doesn’t really give me much information on how you went as the producer in the studio. I would have liked to have read a lot more on your personal experience in the studio as the producer, not read about generic descriptions of what the producer role entails.


    1. Hi, Darren

      just saw your comment and wanted to point out the blog post is not exactly about a producer but rather an studio engineer.If you dont mind please be kind enough to go through the post once more and
      let me know what you think and if i need to work on anything.



  2. Sorry Denham, I meant to write Engineer. My apologies. However, I still think you could have reflected in much more detail about specific techniques or tasks that you did as the engineer and what you learnt. Were you fast enough? Did you understand everything that was asked of you and did you do it quickly? What specific tasks could you improve on? What tasks did you think you did well? Answer questions of this nature.


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