After 3 weeks in the studio, week 4 was mix down time. Having chosen song 2 by Blur as the song to make our sound-alike and having recorded all elements for it, it was time for tone matching. As far as instrumentation goes it’s a pretty straight forward song with just drums guitar and bass. Although the drums had to layered takes one with hi-hats and the other playing the same rhythm with a rim shot. The performance of all musicians was pretty spot on although i personally taught that the drummer was abit on the light side. But then again no two drummers play the same. As far as to how the track sounded the team did get a pretty spot on drum and electric guitar sound although the bass guitar took abit of work to get close to. Having said that a fair bit of EQ and outboard gear was used to take out a ringy snare. Although we managed to get the roomy sound we required for the drums and outboard reverb was used to on the snare and another on the vocals just to add a little presence. Compression and dynamics wise the overheads and kick drum mic were compressed pretty heavily on its way on to tape and as for post tape the vocals and bass which had a pretty wide dynamic range in-between verse and choruses of the song were compressed to keep it as constant as possible. The mix of the song i wouldn’t say was 100% spot on but it was pretty close. Having mixed on the desk slight EQ was used to remove any unwanted frequencies on most channels and if it was not possible to go in detail on the desk, a stock pro tools EQ was used in the box. While the team worked together and rode the faders of the vocals and drum buss on the final mix. On the whole the outcome of the project was pretty good although a few more changes could have been made provided we had more time to do so. If there were anything to be corrected it’s just the little fine details such as minor level adjustments few correction on the EQ of the room mic’s. But all in all i think it was a pretty accurate sound-alike cover.

Sound alike:-

Blur song 2 :-

One thought on “Blurishh………..”

  1. Nice overview Denham. I would have liked to have read more about what issues you had and how you solved them. You mentioned a ringing in the snare drum but you don’t reveal how it was fixed? I think you have a point with the drummers performance but you still got a good sound.


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