Norwegian DJ and producer, Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, a.k.a KYGO, has gone from bedroom producer to one of the most hyped tropical electronic artist’s world over. KYGO has made a name for himself with a long list of remixes to rival any beat-maker. However, with the song Firestone he’s shown his hand at making an original track. Recruiting Conrad Sewell on vocals, Firestone is a passionate synth and kick driven tune that shows he is just as good on his own, if not better. Featuring his trademark synth melodies in the chorus, the is an uplifting track that will surely be making its way to festival dance floors. Although it’s not a complete departure from kygo‘s signature sound that first thrust him onto everyone’s radars, it is the first real example of what he can do on his own. Quickly becoming a big name for tropical electronic music, this track reaffirms his position as a serious leader in the genre. Coming in slowly, the piano driven track is stripped back and lets the pop vocals take center stage. As it builds with a beating kick drum and the whirling of synth sounds, the melody coming in at the chorus is brimming with sunshine and uplifting bass. As the vocals go,“We light up the world”, it’s pulled back again to a trickle.  Kygo‘s ability to pull back and build again and again is demonstrated really well here, showing restraint and giving just enough to keep you captivated. It’s a track designed for summer, and would definitely be warming up parties any where in the world.


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