Unsteady Remix

For this Project the song I have chosen is a cover of the song unsteady by the X Ambassadors. This is a live cover performed by a local Sri Lankan band called Cosmogyral. The track was originally performed at the Melomanic Sessions which is a warehouse style acoustic music event in Colombo Sri Lanka. For the the purpose of remixing I plan to only use two stems (vocals and piano). For this remix I will use a loop of a section the vocal track as well as use the convert harmony to MIDI function in Abelton Live on the piano track to write out a MIDI part. In this process I really can not point out to what electronic Genre the track is but I do hope to mix into to it a lead line. This lead section which most probably will be played on a synth, a sound that I intend to custom make. This line will be a traditional Sri Lankan melody called the “Wannama”, a melodic line associated with traditional folk music. I will also be making a custom drum rack for the drums in the track. Although the original track is three minutes on its own I intend to use only a vocal loop and most of the track will remain instrumental. Although I must mention I intend on using the loop in many different ways. This is my first attempt at a remix an I intend on doing it in a dubmix style by which I mean programing a MIDI controller and remixing it on the run. Although I am not sure what genre it would exactly be I will be looking for inspiration from electronic producer KYGO . Having asked the band Cosmogyral prior permission to remix the track I intend on sending them the finished product as they too are very keen to here it as it’s the first time one of their tracks have been remixed.

Link to original track

Listen From – 9:15  https://soundcloud.com/themelomanicsessions/04-cosmogyral?in=themelomanicsessions/sets/melomanic-sessions-sep-2016-womens-int-hall#t=9:17

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