Unsteady Remix Outcome

This blog will cover the process taken to remix the Cover of song Unsteady by cosmogyral. The approach taken and outcome of the song was not exactly how it was planned out but it was definitely close enough. This was my first attempt at remixing a song and it was for sure a learning experience. The first step I took was getting the vocals in time. Using the time warp function in Abelton live. This was particularly hard as this was a live recording and the original recording was not done to a click track. After which I used the convert harmony to MIDI function on the stem of the piano track thisprovved to be particularly hard as Abeltons MIDI conversion was not one hundred percent accurate, so a fair bit of editing had to go into it. Having these two as a base I started adding synth layers. After having played around with many sounds I decided I’d leave three layers one a low end heavy strings section. A second of which was an arpegiated synth and the third a saw drone synth. While in the process of planning this after having studied the chords of the song I wanted to add a completely different lead synth line. Having randomly being inspired by a traditional Sri Lankan melody called the “wannama” I decided to try adding this melody on top of the synth tones I had added and it surprisingly worked.  For this main line I used Abeltons Operator Plugin to create my own synth tone. After having added in the lead line it still felt empty so I decided to add in a kick drum into the track. Having finalized all my elements of the track I then went about practicing a Dub mix. After I was comfy with how it was sounding I then did a few takes, mixing in the elements and playing around with the reverb and delay sends as well as the filters on the vocals. Having finished a dub mix take I was happy with, I then edited a few things like fade smoothness and  bounced the final track. Once this was done I did send the track to the original artist and they were indeed pleased with it as it was the first time one of their tracks had been remixed. Overall for this being my first attempt at remixing and at using Abelton live I think it was defiantly a good outcome.

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