Project 1;


The Melomanic sessions is Colombo based community experience held with different variations/genres of unplugged music at the forefront. it is an opportunity for friends and family to gather in a series of sessions that will provide a platform for budding artists and established musicians to mingle with their audiences as one community. It is also one of Colombo’s biggest incubators of original music. Having Being Apart of this movement for a few years now I was contacted by one of its main coordinators Chrishantha De Silva and was asked if I was able to take on the task of mixing one of the sessions which were held late September of 2016. My answer from the get go was “yes not at all problem” after much discussion over the phone as to what exactly was needed to be done I was sent the stems of the 2 hour long session. The session comprised of 9 sets performed by both bands solo artists as well as a cast of the musical “Next to Normal”. My approach to mixing this session was rather straight forward. The Stems were sent to me as two hour tracks which I had to group and cut and divide into each set. I was given clear instructions to keep a little bit of the introduction of the band at the start and end of each set. Having figured out what parts to keep in and what to remove I separated each set and all of its elements. Then in took each set and mixed it individually bouncing a Wav file after each mix. For the mixing aspect of the each set I applied compression and EQ on pretty much most elements of the tracks and reverb and delay where I thought it was needed. Having finished mixing the set I sent back the wav files via google drive to Chrishantha. Having listen to all the track he came back to me with feedback where he said that he was happy with all the tracks except one which he thought had too much delay on it. Having fixed that one particular track I sent it back to him after which he posted it on the sessions official sound cloud page where the tracks have got a combined 400+ plays. This was the first time I have attempted to mix a live session and I think with what I had to deal with it was a pretty good outcome as well as the organizers were happy with its outcome.


Link to the Session mixed by me:-


The Melomanic Sessions:-




Project 2:


The second project I had the fortune of doing was mixing the single “stains” for the Sri Lankan band “Salvage”. Salvage is a alternate metal , progressive rock band which has been around in the music scene for awhile. Salvage have previously released many singles and are currently working on their first studio album. The single stains is something they have been waiting to release for awhile and finally got down to doing under the care and capable hands of well know Sri Lankan producer Nishan Daniel’s. Having recived a call from Nishan (who happens to be one of my mentors)asking me if id mix the song I jumped at the chance and said yes. The song was recorded at the Sooriya Village in Colombo and the pro tools session was sent across to me via google drive. After having listened to the song many time I proceeded to edit a couple of things adding in fades where needed and used beat detective to correct the timing of one drum fill. After having edited everything I booked a session at SAE’s big Audient Studio where I mixed the song on the desk patching out board effect units as well as using a few in the box one’s. The toughest part of this project for me personally was re-recording the process stems back into pro tools as requested by the producer. Having figured out how to do it through re-routing the Aux sends the final mix and stems were sent back to Nishan the producer who went onto master the track. The song has been scheduled to be released on the 8th of December 2016.


About the band:-



Link to Song :-

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