Having completed many projects this semester this blog will aim to look at what copyright laws will have had to be cleared if these media pieces were to be published in a real life situation. Copyright is a legal right created and implemented by the law of a country that grants the creator of an original piece of work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. This is usually only for a limited pre decided duration of time. Firstly, id like to look at what steps should be taken to obtain permission for the sound alike, after having done some research I found that the song Blur is now owned and monitored by the bands record label “Food”. To have even begin work on this song first all rights and a go ahead should have been obtained by the record label. The record label are the sole owners of the song and all rights are in their name. If permission was obtained after approaching them and we had plans to release it we would have also have had to obtain permission for that as well inform the labels collection society that our version was a licensed sound-alike and not a copy of the original.

When it comes to the remix is approach would be a bit different for this id have to approach the band in this case which was Cosmogyral and asked them if was alright if id change the song up. This particular band not being under a record label makes it a slightly easier task but as much as its easier it one that must be done with utmost care. This in a professional scenario must not be done verbally as was done in this case but rather a proper contract should have been signed which include all the terms and conditions.

Finally, when it comes to the jingles permission must officially be obtained by the ad’s production company as well as the company of the add which in my case was coca cola international. As much as permission should be obtained from the company to replace the audio what permission should most importantly be obtained for is the re use of the video which is also probably monitored by the collecting companies.

These projects in a real life situation break many copyright laws for which prior permission should be obtained. This a very important step in any situation where one is to use another persons work and must not be taken lightly

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