Adele swipes Grammies from church

Was it her voice? or was it her heart touching ballads? no one knows but Adele sure did wipe clean the Grammies this year. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a British soul RnB singer who’s written hits that have topped charts worldwide for weeks. Her newest album 25 was the hot topic of the 2017 Grammies at which the album and songs of the album won 5 Grammies for Album of the year, the best pop vocal album, song of the year, record of the year as well as the best pop solo performance . This is by far one of the biggest achievements for an artist in the last couple of Grammy Award ceremonies. Adele is known for her powerful pop soul ballads and she was truly deserving of these awards.


This is probably one of my favourite  albums from an auditory  point of view. It just simply sounds amazing! and the credit for this has to go to Church Studios London and the engineer of the album Tom Elmhirst. Elmhirst has a world renowned discography of his own with the likes of David Bowie , Beck , Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse on his list. Elhmhirst is famous analogue sounding records and is know for making  use of world renowned studios like the electric lady new york but his home den the place which he also  made Adele’s Grammy swiper “Church Studios”.  Church studios is a one of a kind recording facility located in the heart of north London. The studio was built in an 1850’s church building  and has probably one of the best sounding live rooms in any studio world over. Elmhirst in his interview with billboard magazine said that the secret to his success is the sound of the studios console which is EMI Neve 72 Channels  the heart of studio 1 and also its live room.

On a personal note Adeles “25” Album is a very good example of having good equipment is pointless if there isn’t a good engineer who knows how to use it. The success of the album goes to show that this album is probably one of the best pop albums of all time.

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