Coldplay at Etihad

From the pyro to the light design the massive PA and the confetti this was hands down on of the best and biggest live productions I’ve seen. Having stood in line for nearly four hours and then wait another inside plus watch three exceptional supporting acts the worth was defiantly worth it. Having always being the guy who likes to see how things work behind the scenes this place was heaven. Having got tickets to a perfect spot (in my opinion) close to the mixing desk the show was bound to be a stellar auditory experience. The shows intro was a series of lines from the great dictator’s speech by Charlie Chaplin. After which the lights went down and the 240 strong d&b audiotechnik system kicked in to the bands first song, the tour and album title “A Head full of dreams”. From then onward started the two hours of intense showmanship and steller performances by the 4 piece band. The energy in the 70,000 audience stadium was for sure a to be experienced in one’s lifetime.

Among all these factors that made this probably one of the best tours in the world and also one of the best shows I have watched was the sound. It was amazing to say the least. It wasn’t as loud you’d expected and open air concert to be and also it had this clarity to it that I personally had never heard in a live situation ever. It was as if they were playing a studio track live. After having been amazed by this experience I put some research into it and found out that the secret behind the sound had three bits to it. This is firstly the band which is probably the most important aspect secondly it was the d&b audiotechnik PA system consisting of 60 subs and 180 tops which was provided by Jps Audio Australia and the third being the exceptional skill of FOH engineer for Coldplay Daniel Green. This tour has been know for its highly advance technologies used and its audio department does defiantly justify it.

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