“The search for everything”

John Mayer has been an inspiration to me for a really long time from his fantastic lyrics to his out of this world guitar playing  his new album “The search for everything” was something I was most excited to hear. But little did I know when it surprisingly turned out to be an album broken into a two Part EP. The two parts for now being wave one and two. The hype for this album was real and I personally didn’t know what to expect. John is usually know for his very blues influenced music specially styles similar to people like Steavy Ray Vaun , which are songs full of groove and steamy guitar licks. But when the first wave did come out it as nothing like anyone expected. This album or May I say EP was way different, it was dreamy, it was atmospheric, it was nothing like he had ever made. The crunchy guitar riffs were replaced with clean guitar soaked in all kinds of reverb more easy going vocal melodies and simple grooves. Three weeks later came out wave two and this too was just like the first but in true John Mayer style anything he did just sounds amazing.

For me personally I preferred the groovy albums like Room for squares but nevertheless this is a side of Mayer no one had seen and as he mentioned in his facebook live EP interview “this is what I am feeling now and I want to share it with you”. Although this EP is very different to what he has done before it is most definitely  an amazing 2 piece album.

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