The art of sound

Post production or sound for film was something that  really did not interest me much, but little did I know how fun it could really be. After having been asked to replace the audio for a portion of a movie as a part of and learning intensive I learned that making noises could really be a fun job. From recording a whipper snipper as a motor bike to making vomit noises this proved to be a really fun task. After having done this unit I’ve really started to grow an interest in how sound for film is done so much so now I can’t watch a movie without noticing the lips out of sync or thinking about how each sound was made.

                                                Something I’ve come to know and realise from this is what you hear is really not it is. After having done some research I found out 80 percent of the sounds on a film are not what it actually is most scenes with an ocean are probably just a bucket of water or what may seem like someone running is probably just someone walking in one place sped up. Although I always thought post production will never interest me it sure has got me more than interested now and its definitely  something I have fun doing.

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