Keeping it Flamenco (Freelance work)

Having been contacted by Josh Poretti asking if I was able to record and mix a flamenco guitar track he was keen on recording. I jumped at the opportunity and said “I am booking you in…… we record next week…” Flamenco is not something id often listens to nor had any idea how to record and engineer.

Having read up and researched on what approach I should take in recording this track I decided my lectures advice   “keep it simple stupid” was the best decision I could take, and letter found out if I didn’t it would have been trouble.

Having decided to use the Neve recording space, which is a great sounding live room. I decided to use Royer 121 ribbon microphones as my main microphones to get a good stereo image. I also used a Neumann U87 as a room microphone. Having spend a good hour and half tracking and getting the perfect take I proceeded to mix it on a further day.

During  mixing I realised that it was a good idea that I kept the microphone techniques simple as possible because it just sounded great. I added a slight touch of compression and a bit of corrective EQ and it sounded decently pretty  good.

This was most certainly  a learning experience and something important I learnt from this is that you don’t have to put everything you know on  each element to make it sound good but rather doing less is always more…..

Feel free to have a listen to it here :-

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