Stains (Freelance)

Another  project I had the fortune of doing was mixing the single “stains” for the Sri Lankan band “Salvage”. Salvage is a alternate metal, progressive rock band which has been around in the music scene for awhile. Salvage have previously released many singles and are currently working on their first studio album.

The single stains is something they have been waiting to release for awhile and finally got down to doing under the care and capable hands of well know Sri Lankan producer Nishan Daniel. Having received a call from Nishan (who happens to be one of my `mentors) asking me if I’d mix the song I jumped at the chance and said yes. The song was recorded at the Sooriya Village in Colombo and the pro tools session was sent across to me via google drive. After having listened to the song many time I proceeded to edit a couple of things adding in fades where needed and used beat detective to correct the timing of one drum fill.

After having edited everything I booked a session at SAE’s big Audient Studio where I mixed the song on the desk patching out board effect units as well as using a few in the box one’s. The toughest part of this project for me personally was re-recording the process stems back into pro tools as requested by the producer. Having figured out how to do it through re-routing the Aux sends the final mix and stems were sent back to Nishan the producer who went onto master the track. The song along with a music video was released on the 15th of April 2017.

Here’s a link to the music video :- 

Link to the bands bandcamp page:-

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