The Old Barbershop Style (Freelance)

Having been approached by the old joes choir on my break and being asked if I could record a track for them I took me no time to reply them with an answer. The choir comprises of around 35 individuals who are past students of St. Joseph’s College Colombo Sri Lanka. The Old Joes’ Choir and was formed in 1997 and has since evolved into an outfit specializing in choral classical and contemporary music. The choir are also the current world barbershop champions.

This track was a Christmas song sung in the choral style of barbershop and was going to be used as a Christmas wish which was to shared online to spread the festive cheer. Having never recorded a choral act let alone a barbershop style choir this proved to be a bit of a challenge.

To make matters a little harder there was also a video crew inside what was quite a small recording space. But nevertheless the choir lined up mics were set up and the recording began. To get the full on barbershop effect we used 4 AKG c314’s as mics for individual sections and an over all stereo pair of  Cascade fat head ribbon mics as room mics. Once is recording was dome there was a very quick turnaround required as they needed the mix out the next day. Had I have more time there are a few things I would still fix. But the video was released on Christmas day and now has around 20 thousand views on Facebook.

Something I learned from this was in the real world there is no time to sit around and take your own cool time and enjoy the process of mixing a track because most times there is no time!!!


Here is the link to the video:-





Hope you enjoy!!!!

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