AUS 220 final blog

This document is a personal review of my studio unit for 2017 T1, as for what I did well this trimester I think my strongest point was live sound. Its subject matter I was use to, but improved to a great extent after the 4 weeks of detailed in depth learning. As for what I learnt this trimester was with doing many freelance projects as well as the intensives is that being ahead of the game is always useful and leaves plenty of backup time should something go wrong. I particularly enjoyed post production very much this trimester it was not something I was too interested in going in but once we started recording sounds and soundscapes it was something in enjoyed doing very much. Undertaking this unit has defiantly help me realize that I have most fun and I’m most interested in doing live sound. It that fact of you only have one shot to get it right and that you are in charge of the band sounding good that makes me want to get into it. Should live sound not work I’d then look at the option of studio production. I am pretty satisfied with my performance this trimester I did put in some effort particularly with the freelance projects I did and they are defiantly showing results with some of them having 20 thousand view on face book with which I am more than pleased .I hope to keep up the same performance next trimester as well and I am really looking forward to it.

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