Latest Release

Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas (Cover) – Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka (Recorded Mix and Master)

Santa’s Coming for Us (Cover) – Voiced Out (Mix and Master)

Older Releases

Don’t Stop Believing (Cover) – Gateway College Choir (Mix and Master)

Prarthana (Cover) – Flipside (Recorded,Mix and Master)

KALUWARA (කළුවර) – Sajitha Anthony (Recording Engineer )

Breakaway (Cover) – Voiced Out(Recorded,Mix and Master)

Be More Kind 2019 – St Thomas’ Preparatory School Choir (Recording Engineer )

සුරලෝ මඬලේමේ – Asanka Sahabandu & Melissa Pereira(Recorded,Mix and Master)

Ma Handawala මා හඬවලා (Cover) – THE BATTERII(Mix and Master)

ඒ නාමේ යේසුස් – Tehillah (Mastering)

World in Union – The Old Joes  Choir (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Movie (Cover ) – Minesh Dissanayake ,Shalintha Rodrigo ,Nifal Ibrahim, Charith Fernando, Rukshan Apsonso (Mix and Master)

Seasons of Love – Elizabeth Moir School Choir (Mix and Master)

You raise me up & Kuruse nega ath wihida “Cover” – The Batterii (Mix and Master)

Build me up buttercup (Cover ) – Minesh Dissanayake ,Shalintha Rodrigo ,Pradeep John , Charith Fernando, Rukshan Apsonso (Mix and Master)

On My Way – Aaron Gun (Record)

Unmadini (Cover) – Melissa Perera (Record Mix & Master)

Empty Into Wind – Sooriya Records (Master)

Your the one that I want (Cover) -Minesh Dissanayake(Record ,Mix ,Master)

Angel Mind – Uncle Bobby (Mix and Master)

Remind Me – Uncle Bobby (Mix and Master)

How would you feel (Cover) – Renato Motha (Audio fix and Mix)

Stains – Salvage (Audio Effects Processing )

Frosty (Barbershop Cover) – The Old Joes  Choir (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Awasara Illami – Baterii (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Melomorphosis- Melomanic Records (Assistant Engineer )

Dream Theater – The Dance Of Eternity (Drum Cover by Taraka) ( Recording engineer)

School by the Sea – Avi Mendis (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Mahi | මහී (2018) – Big Picture & MakaBaas Productions (Film Mix)

Over Again (Acoustic Cover) – Saasha K (Recording engineer)

Gravity Sara Bareilles (Cover)– Mellisa Pereira

Last Day On Earth (Cover)-S.Thomas’ Preparatory School Choir(Recording engineer)

Landslide (Cover) – S.Thomas’ Preparatory School Choir(Recording engineer)

Veenavi– Randika Wijenayake (Recording engineer Drums & Guitars)

Shallow (Cover)– Minesh Dissanayake & Amarsha Tissera Recorded,Mix and Master)

And can it be – The old Joe’s Choir Arrangement by Dan forrest (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Biscuit Kudu – Stage Light and Magic (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Tribute Video – The Old Joes Choir (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Game of Thrones Rendezvous – The Old Joes Choir (Recorded,Mix and Master)

Collide (Cover) – Renato Motha (Audio fix and Mix)

College Anthem – The Old Joes Choir (Mix and Master)