The Devon Taylor Drum Clinic

                                           Having received an email from my lecturer looking for volunteers for an upcoming live gig at the sound stage, I jumped at the opportunity as anything to do with live sound I love doing. Its something about that thing where you only have one chance to get it right always intrigues me. Little did I know what was to come. Having come at the required time I was handed a setup diagram with a channel list. Next thing I knew walked in this big American guy he came up and said “hi I’m Devon’s drum tech” it is then that I realized this was not going to be an ordinary gig. Setup went on and then walked in the band. They took their places and started their sound check and boy…….. weren’t they tight! Groove was something that was inbuilt in them. Funky keyboard solos over groovy drums fills and a tight bass line were totally down my ally.

                                                       Something I did learn from this was when it comes to live sound, something very import is what the musician hear should sound as good as what’s been heard on the PA . The musician needs to be comfortable with what he/she hears on the fallbacks his/her in ears. They need to hear everything they need at the right levels to feel comfy. This is something that affects their performance a fair bit. Having done live sound before this is something I’ve tend to not do and most certainly have to learn from now on and put into practice .

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