Sample Guru’s

Sampling is the act of taking a portion or section of one sound recording and using it as an instrument or a sound in a different song. Sampling was originally developed by experimental musicians working with musique concrète and electroacoustic music, who physically manipulated tape loops and vinyl records. By the late 1960s sampling took off and the realm of “remixing” came into being. In this blog I aim to compare two songs which have used samples of other songs in production. The first song is Gold digger by Kanye West this  2005 Hip Hop track is one full of controversy having had a few law suits over it for copy right reasons. But the track is a good example as to how sampling is used.  The track has samples out of Ray Charles popular 1954 song “I Got a Woman”. In this Kanye uses a multiple loops of lines of the song to which he has added a base synth line and then which he raps over. The type of sampling used here is loop sampling which is a common feature of early two thousand’s hip hop. The next song I aim to compare is Hotline Bling By Drake, this four minute twenty seven second RnB track was released in 2015. This Track uses a sample from Timmy Thomas song Why Can’t We Live Together. This track starts off with a percussive element with a string synth base. Drake uses this sample in hotline bling in this track drake seems to have used the technique of transposition. How you can tell is that the pitch of the sound has changed compared to the original. In these two track the type of sampling is the same but the two techniques differ. Where as Kanye uses a loop style of sampling where he has extracted a portion of another song and looped it to be added in to the mix. Drake uses transposition where he has take a sample of another song and slowed it down to match the pitch of his song. These are two classic examples of sampling, samples have been apart of electronic music for a great while now and in my personal opinion I think it will be for many years to come.

Hotline Bling Sample at 0:20 and 0:34

Why cant we live togetherSample at 0:00 and 0:12.

Gold digger samples can be found at the start of the song and right throughout.


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